TOLG - Beyond the MIT lock picking guide

Pilot project description

Welcome to the wiki for building the new guide on lock picking. Once we have enough material, we will turn it into a nice PDF file, which will be free to all. If you are coming here to learn how to pick locks, feel free to look around, but you are probably too early. However, if you can pick locks, and are willing to write about it, you are just the sort of person we want on this project. Note that this is not restricted to members of any particular forum or organization; anyone who can help is welcome, but do not add references to your forums, organization, or clubs in the main text, this site should be for everyone.

Try to respect other peoples changes, and not spoil their good work, but if you have better ideas try them out. The golden rule is that the site should be improved by your contribution.
Also, try to write a book rather than the world's longest SMS message!

If you have an idea for a section, but cannot think what to say, either just add a title for it, or add a title for it and a comment in <…> suggesting what is needed where the text should be.

If you have a completely different way of explaining something here, do not delete the original and replace it with your own, but rather make a new page so we can work out the best way of integrating it into TOLG.

What can we build on?

If we are to go beyond the MIT guide, it might help to have a look at it again before you start. Well, here it is:

The MIT guide

We want to go beyond every other free guide too, see the list of lock picking guides.

Make a page

If you have an idea for a section, make a reference to it on this page, but make a new page for the section itself. We want this first page to stay short.

Put in this section things we urgently need.

Getting started

A few things to sort out before we get started:

Why does anyone want to learn to pick locks?

What do I need to be able to pick a simple lock?

Where can I get, or how can I make, my first set of tools?

How does a lock work, and what am I trying to do when I pick a lock?

What is a good type of lock to start on?

Pin-tumbler locks

Understanding the Pin Tumbler Mechanism

Mechanical Imprefections

Understanding Tension

Lock Picking Tools

Basic picking

Understanding Pin States and False Sets

Security Pins

Raking Techniques

Special Circumstances

Mechanical Pick Guns, Snap Picks, and Electric Pick Guns



Rights amplification in master-keyed mechanical locks

Re-keying A Lock (Pin Tumblers)

Disassembling Your Practice Lock

Understanding Key Bitting

Lever locks

How lever locks work

How to make the tools to pick them

How to pick them

Electronic locks

Non-destructive bypass methods

Advanced lock picking, and high security locks

Advanced tool making

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