Put In This Section Things We Urgently Need

Add comments about what we need, and remove them when the need is satisfied.


We ought to invite members here to help on this project. I (Trakgalvis) have seen notices on the forums for which I am a member, but I am not sure if this has happened on all the main lock picking forums yet.

Photos and figures

Many sections refer to photos and figures we do not have. Can you help?

How big in both display size and in bytes should these be?

Missing sections

For these just add tags for them in the obvious places. We can move this later if needed.


We need to check the copyright etc for anything that is added here, and given references to sources we used when writing the sections we have been working on.

DB's contributions need turning into a wiki form

Be careful not to spoil what he has posted, but anyone can help turn it into a wiki form (section headings, links, and remove adverts, etc). Many thanks for the drafts of so many sections DB!

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